Welcome to Elite Tae Kwon Do

Welcome to our School where the training is powerful. Our motto is MIGHT FOR RIGHT. It is our intention that our school serves you as an important institution where you can receive self-confidence, mental discipline, respect, concentration, coordination, and many other virtues of the martial arts. You can overcome the fears of your life by the development of a strong positive mental attitude.

The word Elite in French or English means the best of the best in the world, so the relationships between our members are as best brothers and sisters in the martial arts.

We have a body, a mind, and a spirit. It is the philosophy of Tae Kwon Do that all three must be strong and healthy and the well being of each is dependent upon the other two. For this reason, Tae Kwon Do aims at developing the whole person.

The body is developed through regular exercise. The purpose of this is not to build huge muscles, but to improve their tone and flexibility. Once a state of physical fitness is achieved, the focus shifts to developing speed, control and endurance. It is necessary to practice the techniques of Tae Kwon Do until they become almost automatic. To do this, one must develop a strong mind. One must learn to concentrate on an objective. One must learn to use the mind to control the movements of the body, using only the muscles necessary to a particular movement and keeping the others relaxed and ready for use at any time. The economy of movement saves strength. One must learn to focus all of one’s energy at a precise instant toward a particular point to achieve the most powerful effect. In addition to the benefits of a healthy mind and body, the code of the HWA RANG DO warrior is an excellent tool for building spiritual strength. It is important to remember that the development of the body, mind, and spirit occurs simultaneously; each is contributing to the development of the others in an ever upward cycle. To gain a full understanding of the art of TAE KWON DO, it is necessary to have some knowledge of the history of Korea. To observe how such a small country managed to survive through three thousand years of being besieged, raided, occupied and invaded and to come to know the unfailing spirit of the Korean, his challenging strength to withstand any adversity, his arduous, often difficult search for and inner desire of harmony.

Scientists, physicians, nutritionists and much of the general public is becoming more and more aware of the need to get us into better physical condition. The Academy offers a scientific combination of physical fitness and self-discipline, together with the developing a feeling of assurance that comes with knowing you can protect yourself.

At Elite Tae Kwon Do, the certified instructors have earned their certification through hard training. Their teaching style assures you the rapid development of body tone and physical fitness and knowledge of the martial arts. The Academy is a member of the United States Tae Kwon Do (the only National Body of the sport recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, and the KuKKiwon).